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Aug 27, 2021 at 09:31 AM

BODS File Structure Issue Handling


Hi All,

I am creating a BODS job where the SOURCE is a file in AL11 path. For now after the completion of the job i am sending mail alert to the Business users with the Success alert and the file name that got processed.

But i am having a requirement where i have to check the file structure also in the first hand , for say if the source file is having any extra column or less column than it should be, then i am supposed to reject the whole file and send it back to the user with a mail where the subject line will be " The File Has been rejected" along with the in the mail body the file name will be there.

Can any one help me how can i make this happen.

Using TRY-CATCH Block can it be done and inside catch put a script for file issue , then again from where i am going to fetch the file name?

Please help me out with a simple solution.