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Aug 23, 2021 at 11:07 AM

Using SAP PI/PO with FHIR and HL7 messaging standards (healthcare records)


Hi All,

We have a requirement to create SAP PI interfaces between SAP CRM and an external third-party healthcare information system.

The third-party system follows FHIR and HL7 messaging standards (used for exchanging electronic health records).

Does anyone know if this is possible using SAP PI?

I have seen in SAP Note 2106937 that there is an "IAH Adapter" (Integration Adapter for Healthcare). According to the Note it says:

  • The IAH adapter is a consulting service not an official SAP product.
  • There is no standard maintenance.
  • It is not a standard SAP product or service on the SAP pricelist.
  • It is installed (remotely) and handed over to the customer/partner afterwards

Does anyone know if this Adapter will allow us to create the necessary FHIR/HL7 interfaces in SAP PI to allow messaging between SAP CRM and the third-party system?

Would we need anything else? e.g. I have read some articles that imply that this adapter works with SAP Patient Management (only?). However, we would need it to work with SAP CRM.

Would the ESR Content (XI Content) be available to download to SAP PI by getting this Adapter (and nothing else required)?

Are there alternative ways of creating SAP PI interfaces following FHIR/HL7 messaging standards? (I have seen "SAP Conversion Agent powered by Informatica" and "iWAY HL7 adapter" mentioned but can't find much about these so not sure if they are still available.)

Many Thanks,