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Aug 25, 2021 at 09:05 AM

SAP CPI HTTP Receiver adapter giving error 411 - Length required


Hello experts,

I need to send cXML of Sourcing award confirmation to Ariba Network. When I am sending the cXML via postman to Ariba network directly, it is working. But when I am sending the same through a simple pass through iflow, HTTP receiver adapter, I am getting error - 411 Length required.

Initially I had planned to use Ariba adapter but that doesn't support the ContractStatusUpdateRequest yet as per the response on OSS. So I am trying to find the alternative. So I tried to use simple HTTP receiver adapter and configured necessary paramters. I keep on getting 411 HTTP error. I found that HTTP receiver adapter does not pass content-length header parameter. This is a documented here.

I tried to insert the Content-Length or content-length header parameter using groovy script before end message event. But still getting 411 error. Ariba Network needs this parameter.

Can anyone suggest solution/workaround for this?


Yayati Ekbote