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Which are the "right" interactions placeholders in content studio?

Feb 20, 2017 at 04:55 PM


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Dear all,

Content studio permits to use some attributes as placeholder values for objects related to: Contact details (such as: |%BO-CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT-NAME_FIRST%|.. - pag 236 SAP Hybris Marketing 1611)

BUT: If I need to display something related to the interactions instead of something related to the "person", how do I do that?

Example: I create a segmentation model which has "last interaction date: yesterday" as filter. Suppose that I am a consumer and I bought something yesterday. So I am in that target group. If I did ONLY ONE PURCHASE, I CAN DISPLAY "|%DA-SAP_CE_PRODUCT_RELATED_IA-PRODUCT-NAME%|. But if I am doing a periodic campaign and I am in the target group an other time for an other purchase, how can I display the right name of the product?

I think that I should write some line of codes, something like:


Thus, If there is not a faster or easier way, which is the job that runs when (for example) |%BO-CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT-NAME_FIRST%| is fulfilled during the campaign execution?

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Sebastian Schipplick
Feb 22, 2017 at 05:31 PM

Hi Christian,

I am not absolutely sure if I understand the question correctly. Let me try to provide some information at least as a start:

- if you use attributes from segmentation (those starting with "DA" and not "BO") the content which is provided into the campaign execution should also be filtered by the rules which are modelled in segmentation.

- this filtering should work fine as long as the attribute(s) you use in segmentation for filtering and the attribute(s) you use as placeholder in the campaign content are coming from the same technical data source (i.e. HANA View).

Anyways it is definitely a good idea to try it out and debug it. Coming from segmentation I know at least the API which is called to fetch the content for the campaign execution, i.e. the content for filling the placeholder. It is CL_GSEG_SEGMENTATION_API=>GET_SEGMENT_DYNAMIC_CONTENT. If you are running on a older version of Hybris Marketing this may also be CL_GSEG_SEGMENT_PROFILE_API=>GET_BASE_DS_DYNAMIC_CONTENT. If the latter is the case, the things written above do not apply!


Thanks & regards,


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Hello Sebastian,

Do I interpret your answer correctly like this?


But if I upgrade my system to 1702 I will have GET_SEGMENT_DYNAMIC_CONTENT?

And then I could perform the following scenario: ?

- A customer, Mary, has bought an Apple and a Lemon.

- In my segmentation, I use criteria to select all customers who have bought Apples. Mary is thus in my target group

- I send a mail with e.g. "Thank you for buying "Product""

- When I send this mail to my target group; Mary will get "Thank you for buying Apple" ? (When I tested this scenario today on v1608, this resulted in "Thank you for buying AppleLemon" because Mary bought both Apple and Lemon...)


That exactly WHAT I MEAN!

I solved my issue creating a new calculation view based on a custom table in which, every day (hour) are stored information I need. Not so "real-time"/"in-memory" solutions, but enough for my problem.

Sebastian Schipplick
Mar 09, 2017 at 06:42 AM

Hi Joyca,

yes, your interpretation is correct. Meanwhile I also found the exact change from BASE to SEGMENT: it is included in 1611 version - so 1608 still has the old logic. However there is an SAP Note available "correcting" this as well on lower releases:

Thanks & regards,


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