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Aug 19, 2021 at 03:56 PM

The call horizon for strategy maintenance plan


Hey network,

I have a strategy with no default call horizon, the strategy has 2 packets (weekly, monthly). I created a task list with this strategy and assigned the packages to the operations.

i created a strategy plan for the task list an i put the call horizon as 10% so the call date for each package suppose to be:

  • weekly: 10%*7= 0.7 DAY ( the call is 6 days before the planned date)
  • monthly: 10%*30= 3 DAYS ( The call is 27 DAY BEFOR THE PLANNED DATE

Here come my problem the call date of the monthly is 6 days the same as the weekly packets.

What is the solution !!!

Kind regards, I appreciate your answers.