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Failed parse transformation file:unexpected symbol: '<'

Hi Experts,

I have been playing around with this issue for some time and relentlessly googled and search the SDN/ without any real success (though there are somewhat similar threads).

I have a conversion file with two tabs. One is a standard conversion file, currently with just * and *SKIP in it. The second is a conversion file, but not used to convert anything, instead there is a list starting in column D which is used for reference.

The conversion file is references in a transformation file. The transformation file is used to load in master data along with properties. One of the properties is then converted using the conversion sheet (which currently only has * and *SKIP in it).

When I validate the transformation file with the correct scenario (as in loading in to the correct dimension), it fails with the error message:

"Failed parse transformation file:unexpected symbol: '<'".

I've check the .cdm file in UJFS and it looks fine (compared to others), though it does have a number of <s and >s so may well be connected. There are no <s anywhere in the conversion file or transformation file.

Also the transformation file validates if I remove the second worksheet, though the issue remains if I just clear the content of the second worksheet. The file path is definitely correct.

Has anyone come across this or have any idea where I can look?

EPM version 27 (though also tried on 20).

Backend is 810 SP 5


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 20, 2017 at 05:30 PM

    Sorry, not clear, it's better to provide full texts of transformation and conversion files!

    But "which currently only has * and *SKIP in it"

    Will skip all records! What do you want to achieve using this strange file???

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