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Aug 12 at 04:39 PM

Immediate loading of billable items - what S/4 HANA version supports this?



Trying to use the new CC feature - Immediate loading of billable items (setting the itemImmediatelyLoaded on true in WS call) but getting this error:

<message>The charging operation failed</message> <error> <category>invalid</category> <message>Execution of JCo function '/1FE/TECH_BIT_CREATE_API' failed with reason ' (126) ILLEGAL_INPUT: ILLEGAL_INPUT Message 070 of class FKKBIX2 type E, Par[1]: CCBITCRMOD'. Returned messages: FKKBIX I 814 *********************** C R E A T I O N *************************** FKKBIX I 815 Creation of billable items was started for class TECH FKKBIX2 E 070 Parameter name CCBITCRMOD is not available FKKBIX E 820 No items were created FKKBIX I 205 ************************ S T A T I S T I C S ************************</message> <cause> <module>RFC</module> <code>1</code> <message>One or more billable items or consumption items could not be loaded into SAP Convergent Invoicing because they are invalid.</message> </cause>

Is this feature supported by the latest S/4 HANA system? any additional configuration is required on CI side for this?

Thank you,