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Aug 18 at 04:15 AM

​Decimals /Precision for Key figures extracted through /IBP/EXTRACT_ODATA_SRV from IBP to SAC


We are using the oData extractor /IBP/EXTRACT_ODATA_SRV to extraxt data from IBP to SAC. It works from but rounds the measures data. For example if actual revenue is 3.52 in IBP it gets extracted as 4.0 OR (if it is 3.25 it gets rounded to 3). Is there a setting that seciffy the decimal place? I cannot seem to find such a setting in IBP or SAC?

P.S We have created dataload importsusing instruction using SAP standard help "Loading Transactional Data from IBP OData Service" . I have gone through the other documentation like and setting in IBP as well as SAC.