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Feb 20, 2017 at 03:54 PM

reading the data from sap table which has field name SString.

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I have created a table. and have one field called "name" which has sstring datatype.

now I am trying to create the internal table for this.

while activating this code the error I am getting is " "table name' must be a flat structure. You cannot use internal tables, strings, references, or structures as components"

what is the reason of this error.

below is my code snippet

types:begin of t_zanshu2.

include structure zanshu2.

types: end of t_zanshu2.

data: it_anshu type standard table of t_zanshu2 initial size 0,

wa_anshu type t_zanshu2.

where zanshu2 is a table which has 3 field

zid(50) NUM

zname(245) sstring

zadd (255) char