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Aug 11 at 01:54 PM

Pick List closed before pick, cant create new pick list for Prod Order


Hi Community

My customer is on SAP B1 10.0 (10.00.120) PL02. He created a Production Order, changed the status to Released and then created a Pick List using the Pick Pack and Production Manager. After releasing the Pick List (prior to Pick), he found that there was not enough physical stock to fill the requirements (due to inventory mistake) and he closed the Pick List (right click and Close).

When he later tried to create a new Pick List for this Production Order, the system would not allow it from either the Pick Pack manager or when right clicking and selecting Generate Pick List. When trying Generate Pick List the message reads Item with Open Quantity not Available to Generate Pick List. In the Pick and Pack manager the Prod order cannot be selected under Open status, only under Released status, and when trying to generate it says No data Available, reselect criteria.

Opening the original pick list it is in Closed status, with no options to change it.

I tried to recreate the issue in my demo system, but when closing the pick list it simply changes the status back to open and I can create a new pick list. So I cannot recreate the issue in my system.

The only way we were able to continue was to duplicate the Production Order and cancel the original. We were then able to generate a new pick list for the duplicate.

Does anyone have any insights on what might cause this issue and how to fix it?