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Aug 11, 2021 at 01:09 PM

Position in job information/Termination record


Hello everyone,

i need your help with the following issue.

When a termination is created for an employee, the position will dissapear from the record, which is correct.

The position is a required field, but when trying to edit/change an information in the termination record of the employee, i cannot do this because it requires the position.

With import employee data- job history, its the same issue, position is still required.

My question is, how can i change an information in the termination record of an employee, without needing to add the position back in the job info termination record?

Or how to delete the position from termination record, after i made my changes and i had to add the position in the termination record again?

Thank you a lot in advance and i hope i will get an answer:)