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Aug 11, 2021 at 06:20 PM

Looping Process call with Request-Reply does not combine all the response messages


Hello Experts,

We had a requirement to use pagination to GET multiple pages of data from external system. We are using Request-Reply with HTTP adapter. And Open Connectors endpoint was used in HTTP adapter with Query parameters to process the GET calls in Loop.

Blog used as reference

The issue is when the IFLOW runs, only the response from the last call is returned to End Message step and all the responses from previous calls made is not captured/overwritten by the next call. Tried adding Aggregator after the Request-Reply, but looks like Aggregator is not supported in Local Integration Process.

Can anyone share the solution for this problem where we need to combine all the response messages into one large message and then pass the final response message to the last End Message Step?


Vignesh M.


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aggregator.png (42.2 kB)