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Aug 09, 2021 at 04:06 PM

Import User, Remove User WSDLs in Ariba realm administration JAVA stub generation


wsdl-stub-error.txtHello experts,

Has anyone integrated Oracle IDM system with Ariba?
We are using Import User, Remove User SOAP webservices to integrate with Oracle IDM system.
We tested the user creation using SOAP UI tool which is working as expected. But when Oracle system tries to generate JAVA stub using WSDL, it is failing.
Hence it is not able to generate JAVA class for program creation.
I have attached JAVA error file for reference.

To import WSDL, standard Unix command wsimport -keep -verbose jar cvf AribaUserImport_Proxy.jar

Has anyone encountered this issue with non-SAP system integration?

Yayati Ekbote