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DATASET_WRITE_ERROR - capacity limit has been reached


Thank You for looking into it, i am not sure if the below topic is an ABAP topic or a Basis topic, as a developer i am posting this topic here.

I have a program that places file in one of the folders in the application server (AL11). if i run the program with date selection, say 3 months, this program executes successfully and places file in the application server and i am able to see the file in AL11 transaction.

But If i run the program with date selection, say 6 months, this program terminates with ABAP short dump. when i look at the short dump i see below details:


What happened?

Resource bottleneck

The current program "ABACDFG(edited)" had to be terminated


a capacity limit has been reached.


After SCN research i figured out memory consumption may be one of the issue and i checked the short dump and i see consumption details as below:

Memory consumption
Roll.... 0
EM...... 58657088
Heap.... 0
Page.... 65536
MM Used. 11016928
MM Free. 1549328

we use OS: AIX and DB Oracle and SAP release 731.

Is there a transaction in SAP to increase the capacity limit for the files we place in SAP application servers ie AL11 directories? or do we need to maintain these settings in OS level, please advise.



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  • Please see below:

    Error text: "Missing file or filesystem"
    Error code: 52

    we use OS: AIX and DB Oracle and SAP release 731.

    I am placing .txt file.

  • And a follow-up question - why don't you just ask your local Basis team? There are also memory analysis tools available in SAP (if you believe it's a memory issue). I'm not sure what assistance is expected from SCN on this very specific problem that occurs in your system. Short dumps are usually quite self-explanatory and provide a lot more info, as noted above.

  • Thank You for hinting me on memory analysis tools. i will explore more into it.

    Basis team says it is not a basis issue though many SCN posts says it is a basis issue.

    I am looking for a SAP transaction where these capacity limits are maintained so that i can do some analysis on the system. Thanks.

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