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Aug 03, 2021 at 01:58 PM

Process Variant : Add Intelligent RPA steps


Hello Everyone,

I am working in the trial account

In the openSAP course for BTP in a nutshell ( here ), I see that there is a possibility to add SAP Intelligent RPA bot as one of the process steps in the Low code / No-code building of the workflow. To try my hands on this, I am implementing the Live content package "Manage Sales Order", but I do not see these steps for adding as one of the process steps. Rather, I also do not see the "Generic Extension Step".

Question is: Why am I missing these things? I understand that adding SAP intelligent RPA is pretty new and may be it is not released( I am not sure ), but why don't I have the "generic extension step" in the process variant editor?

Archana Shukla Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan

Thanks & Regards

Srinivas Rao.