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Jul 29 at 11:26 PM

Subscription Model in BTP


Dear community, please help me with the following questions:

1. I am building an multitenant app in BTP Cloud Foundry (with SAP BAS and Fiori Elements+ Launchpad). My goal is that end users should be able to purchase this app via an AppStore.
My question is for production do I need for each end-user a subaccount or only one subaccount and each end-user is a user in this subaccount?

2. Can I make as many subaccounts as I want or do they scale up or are limited by subscription or pay-as-you-go licenses? And does it also scale up/is it limited for additional user for each subaccount?

3. What does it mean if i have e.g. "100 Units" (e.g. for Launchpad or HANA DB etc.) available - does this mean I only can onboard 100 users, not more, using these services? And if so, are those individual-users or subaccount-quantities?

Many thanks in advance.