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Jul 27 at 12:26 PM

Analysis for Office Excel / grouped tables: data disappearing after saving


Dear SAP Analysis for Office Experts,

In a "heavy" workbook with 10 data sources, with some queries having ~450 lines and ~12 columns, some crosstabs are merged.

After the workbook is saved, the data in merged crosstabs completely disappear. No error message, no warning, nothing in any of the cells of the crosstab. The cells are empty and not formatted.

There is no Excel or AfO event that interfere with these cells. It is hard to reproduce the error, it just happens sometimes, usually after saving the file.

The option "remove data before saving" is unchecked (and the data remains in the non-grouped crosstabs).

Analysis Version 2.8.600.95340

Excel Version 15.0.5363.1000

File saved on Netweaver platform

Did this happen to any one else? If so, is there any solution?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards