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Jul 28 at 03:45 AM

Freight and other charges

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Am seeking help for an issue. I need your advice for one scenario which we have with our client as below.

Scenario: Material Procurement with Fees and other charges for example like Transportation/Freight(local and international), Insurance, Entrustment fee etc.

Material/Goods and other charges/freight will be supplied by different supplier.

During GRN of the Material they want to inventories the overall value as the Material Price.

Client has separate bidding process/sourcing for material and other services separately to sign the contract.

  1. Contract 1 for Material/goods – vendor 1 (Might include few charges like tax,etc).
  2. Contract 2 for other charges/fee – vendor 2(EX: Transportation from Port to Warehouse - Local).

As Part of PS Solution:

We have,

1. Customized function for Cost estimate of the material include overall value and break up of charges with percentage/value for each type of additional charges/fee.

2. Material will be added as component in the network activity with overall price(Gross) through which PR will be created with valuated price as in Cost estimation.

We use RFQ to link with Ariba for souring the vendor and sign the contract.

How to link the contract 2(Transportation from port to Warehouse) to the Purchase order of the material with the condition type for fee and freight(As example).

Note: We have Ariba in scope. Could you please provide some insights for this scenario, it will be really helpful.

If there is any other better option to handle this scenario with PS/MM with Ariba integration.