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Jul 26 at 02:11 PM

How to manage a group multi tenant services in BTP


I want to use CAP to create a multi tenant application with two multi tenant services ( ServiceA and Service B , ServiceA will invoke ServiceB) . Every multi tenant service will hold their own DB(Schema) and is maintained by different teams .

In order to manage the two services's lifecycle for example : once someone subscribe the application ,both services will be notified and build their own DB schema for the specific subscriber . The two cap services should register to same " saas-registry" service . ---- How to configure it in the mta.yaml ?


For service A we can create registry service like following :

# --------------------- REGISTRY SERVICE ---------------------
  - name: ServiceA-registry
  # ------------------------------------------------------------
    type: org.cloudfoundry.managed-service
      - name: ServiceA-uaa
      service: saas-registry
      service-plan: application
        xsappname: ~{ServiceA-uaa/XSAPPNAME}
        appName: Service
        displayName: 'Service'
        description: 'Service Business Application'
        category: 'SaaS Multitenant Apps'
          onSubscription: https://${org}-${space}-kylin25-srv.${default-domain}/mtx/v1/provisioning/tenant/{tenantId}


How to configure Service B? ---- How make service B share the "saas-registry". --> So once "saas-registry" knows some subscribe the service . Both ServiceA and ServiceB can got notification .

Same issue also find in "service-manager" to manager HDI .