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Jul 26 at 09:08 AM

BTMF Process "INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL" for sharing contract process type "ISTH"


Hi Team,

I want to configure BTMF process INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL process type "ISTH" for sharing contracts.

I have this BTMF process "INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL" in my config for Activate change process and i am able see this process in inactive subscription contracts.

But in case of sharing contracts PRCC or custom PRCC, i am not able to see this BTMF process.

Am i missing any config ? Define transaction type in Process ? as of nothing is maintained in define transaction type in Process, still i am able INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL.

Has anyone configured any ISTH or any other BTMF for sharing contracts when it is inactive status.