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Jul 21 at 04:57 PM

Fiori PR Workflow - Error when defining successor for node


A copy was made of SAP standard WS00000038 for Purch Req approvals and enhanced. It still uses the standard approval task TS00007986. As the standard Terminating events for this task does not manage the rejection correctly (wrong terminating event), I added the 'REJECTION_START' event. This of course has altered the node nr's when I generated a new version of the workflow to keep these changes separate. The workflow works 100% correct when executing via the SAP Business Workplace in the SAP GUI, but when executing via the Fiori My Inbox, it terminates after approving or rejecting has completed in task TS00007986. It terminates in error 'Error when defining successor for node' when having to process the terminating event. I have added the nodes in Enhancement spot /IWWRK/ES_WF_WI_BEFORE_UPD_IB in an implementation for MM_PUR_REQ_APPROVE_ACTIONS for for both the main workflow and the task TS00007986 and all it sterminating event nodes, but it still happens. I have activated everything and refreshed the buffers etc..I also activated the Action buttons for Fiori and the 'approve/reject works fine in the My Inbox.