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Jul 23 at 10:06 AM

FSCM Credit Exposure not updated in BP - UKM000


Hi Team,

I am trying to set up FSCM demo in S4H , role UKM000 was assigned to my BP but not able to capture credit exposure. I posted few FI document for my BP (all overdue).

I did the configurations below , not sure what's missing.

  • Define new credit segment (Additive Contribution to Main Credit Segment UNTICKED)
  • Define customer credit group
  • Reuse STANDARD rules for scoring and credit limit calculation
  • Define risk class
  • Define Liability Categories (TICKED Include in Credit Check for Type 200 - Open Items from FI)
  • Assign Credit Control Area and Credit Segment
  • Assign Permitted Credit Control Areas to Company Code

Must I update payment behavior summary in order for credit exposure check to work ?