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Jul 20 at 09:15 AM

ValueList annotation not yelding correct result


Hello Experts!

Im struggling with providing value help based on standard SAP service - i have annotation as follows: [see code below:

the problem is that C_BOMMaterialsMalFuncManageType has 2 key fields so i expect search help to return 2 values to SmartfilterBar managed entityset namely TechObjIsEquipOrFuncnlLoc and TechnicalObject as 1st field is not searchable via search help i market it as ParameterOut. This construct seems not to be working - is it because i only use OData V2 ?
can you please provide any hint on debugging this ?

<Annotations Target="EAM_MALFUNCTION_MANAGE.C_BOMMaterialsMalFuncManageType/TechnicalObject" xmlns="">  
                <Annotation Term="Common.ValueList">
                        <PropertyValue Property="Label" String="Technical Object Value Help" />
                        <PropertyValue Property="CollectionPath" String="C_TechnicalObjectForEditVH" />
                        <PropertyValue Property="SearchSupported" Bool="true" />
                        <PropertyValue Property="Parameters">
                                <Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterInOut">
                                    <PropertyValue Property="LocalDataProperty" PropertyPath="TechnicalObject" />
                                    <PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="TechnicalObject" />
                                <Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterOut">
                                    <PropertyValue Property="LocalDataProperty" PropertyPath="TechObjIsEquipOrFuncnlLoc" />
                                    <PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="TechObjIsEquipOrFuncnlLoc" />
                                <Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly">
                                    <PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="TechnicalObjectLabel" />