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Jul 21 at 04:01 PM

Android Mobile Service Login using BTP Android sdk , login flow misbehaving



I am working on an offline application with SAP BTP Android SDK 3.3.4.

I have Implemented Flow On boarding process for FlowVs2 and Authentication type is SAML. With this implementation I was able to login to the app. I was facing very odd issue when I am trying lunch the same application 2nd time on-words.

When I am trying to open the app from next time onward It's showing the pass-code screen as expected , after validation of pass code I am navigation to my landing page , from onActivityResult(). But out of No where it's opening another new instance of SMAL Authentication Screen on top of my Landing screen. Even after I have successfully authenticated and not loged out .


login-page.png (68.8 kB)
passcode-page.png (42.7 kB)