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Jul 21 at 02:30 PM

CAP Odata model - Authentication. Something special needed?


Hi all,

I've succeeded creating an odata service and exposing it on the hanatrial environment. One other step was to add the authentication to this. I followed the following tutorial by Thomas Jung

In all honesty, all went very well....using the authentication against trial environment. The only problem was the fact that it is all running locally. So that worked as described.

I tried to deploy the build so to speak to the cloud environment, and somehow the application in itself crashes every time (when I push the service part). Can't get it up and running anymore. The error stated is:

Unable to get xsuaa credentials. Please make sure your app is bound to a single xsuaa service instance or that you provide vcap information in the requires.uaa section.

The question is: with the setup as described in the blog, is it even possible to 'push' it all the the Sap hana cloud environment?

Kind regards and all the best!