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Jul 20 at 02:35 PM

Contact Origin for family


Hello experts!
Please help to find best solution for contacts in SAP MKT Cloud.
Next scenario: We have family with 2 contacts. They have 1 loyalty card, one for whole family.

Sales order create for LoyCard, not for ContactId.
Part of POST payload

SAP MKT create container altime and sales order for this container, not for all family`s contacts.
I had tried to add contacts per InteractionAdditionalInteractionContacts in payload.
But this data don't find in the Segmentation.
Main purpose: find contacts (LoyCard) who have sales order via Segmentation.
Then Segmentation can show all contactid who has relate to this card or pick all contacts with this LoyCard. For farther communications.
Maybe you have some solutions. Thanks and BR


bfrzf.png (27.8 kB)