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Jul 16 at 08:57 AM

ABAP Restful: How to publish publish APIs in productive systems


Hello Experts,

I created an unmanaged business object with cds, service definitions and service binding and testet it successfully on our development system. Then I transported it into our QA enviroment and tried to publish it, unsing the publish button in Eclipse.

The systems that I cannot publish the service because "Changes to repository or cross client customizing are not permitted". I assume I could go to transaction SCC4 to work around this error, but shouldn't there be a better solution for this? I don't want to change global systems setting every time i need to publish or unpublish one of our APIs.

How can I publish a RAP service binding in a a productive environment without changing settings in SCC4?

(Release is 19/09 on-prem)

Thank you an best regards,