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Jul 14 at 03:50 PM

C4C Analytics Expose Data Source



We have the requirement to expose some data sources. This works fine for the standard data sources. But as the data sources are missing information, I want to use joined data sources. I understand that in the past it was not possible to expose joined data sources because of performance reasons. Is that still the case or can I work around that by selecting maybe less characteristics? I tried to define a combined data source, but one of the data sources I would like to use cannot be selected.

What can I do? Has anybody experienced the same situation and how can it be solved?



Just to give you some more background.

We want to report in another application on opportunities = data source CODOPPH. In this data source in C4C the employee data = CODHCMEMPB is a referenced data source. The data we would like to use in reporting Department ID and Department is not part of the data source CODOPPH it self, but part of the CODHCMEMPB data source. So when exposing the standard data source CODOPPH, the department information is not included.

1. I can make a join of the 2 data sources CODOPPH + CODHCMEMPB, but this joined data source can not be exposed

2. I cannot make a combi of the 2 data sources CODOPPH + CODHCMEMPB, as the latter can not be selected.