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Jul 20 at 06:31 AM

How to transfer single QA inspection lot stock into multiple destination locations

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Hello All,

Kindly help with this below requirement,

The business requirement is that, users want to split one QA lot into different Destination locations, that means if after production confirmation, one QA lot has been generated then business wants to split this one QA lot qty into different BIN Locations.

For example,

1) If the Order QTY is 1000 for Batch 'A' and GRN is for 1000 qty.

2) after QA lot generated for 1000 qty for Batch 'A' .

3) Physically, the business is moving this generated 1000 QA qty into different Bins like B1=400 qty, B2=300 qty and B3=300 qty.

In the existing system, QAC2 is an option to move QA lot to a different Location, but this only allowed for a single Location. We know this is not possible in the system to move one QA lot to multiple locations.

I have already tried to suggest business to split GR during COR6, but they do not accept this because it is not time-consuming to split one batch and also suggested to transfer stock to required location after UD of QA lot, but they are saying QA they're moving stock to different location. i.e BIN .

Kindly suggest the right way to do this process from WM side. Also suggest any WM side, if any option is available to move one QA Lot stock to a different WM managed location?

Thanks in advance.