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Jul 15, 2021 at 07:22 PM

DP91 : No expenditure items found - RRB

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HI Experts,

As per the client requirement, we have done the configurations for RRB process via Cats timesheet booking. But while testing we are getting an error during running the DP91. The error is No expenditure items found ( Message no. VPK1310).

First, I want to understand the correct flow of DP91 process. Below steps are being followed by us while testing the RRB:

  • 1)Create project / WBS element (CJ20N) – There are three separate child WBS for Labor, Travel and other expense and all selected as Billing element/ Account assignment/ Planning element.
  • 2)Create contract (VA41) - with Materials assigned to DIP profile
  • 3)CATS Timesheet book (CAT2) – Labor WBS
  • 4)CATS Timesheet approval (CATS_APPR_LITE)
  • 5)Transfer costs to CO (CATA)
  • 6)Create billing request (DP91) – with contract number and posting date.
  • 7)Revenue Recognition (VF44)
  • 8)Create Invoice (VF01)

Please let me know if I missing/incorrect steps to resolve the error of “ No expenditure”. Another query is how to post actuals for travel and other expense thru CATS.

We have checked the Snote 301117 related to DIP configuration and other forum issues and there is no clear statement anywhere to resolve the issue "No expenditure items found". So request to help and provide the solution. Please treat this as Urgent.

Best Regards,