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Jul 17 at 07:44 AM

SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2 > Define CA Introscope configuration issue with Wily Introscope 10.7


Hi Support,

While I am configuring the Define CA Introscope in Solution Manager 7.2, getting an errors like below

Status of retrieval of existing installation: Unexpected error (path D:\usr\sap\CCMS\apmintroscope, agent solman01_DAA_SMDA98)

Unexcepted error occurs in method AddExistingInstallation (caused by: Malformed \uxxxx encoding.). Referred below notes and maintained everything perfect, but still facing an issue:
  1. 2757646 - Define CA Introscope - Cannot find the jndi object /smdserverctx/ObjAutoRegistered/EM_Installation_Registrator)
  2. 2844184 - Exception "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \\uxxxx encoding" in step 'Push DPC Configuration to Wily' in Basic Configuration
  3. Introscope folder have administrator assigned and Installation also done with sidadm user.
  4. Connection also working of NWA > Configuration > Identity Managment > Configuration > ABAP System > UMEBackendConnection
  5. Wily Introscope WebView (SAP Dashboard) also connecting with Admin user succesfully.

Thank you,

Srinivaas Thutta