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Error in ABAP docu in ADT

Feb 20, 2017 at 12:37 PM


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Hi all,

I'm experiencing the following strange behaviour with the ABAP documentation in ADT. I'm able to invoke the ABAP docu without any problem. When I hit <F1> the language help for the source code element is displayed.

However, as soon as I click any of the links I get the following error:


It seems that somehow the protocol, server and port are missing in the URL.

The strange thing is that when I open the ABAP documentation using transaction ABAPDOCU everything works.

Does anyone know how to solve this error?


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1 Answer

Horst Keller
Feb 20, 2017 at 01:46 PM

Do the links in the documentation shown after starting program ABAP_DOCU_WEB_VERSION work? If yes, it is an ADT problem.

If no, could you test

DATA(location) = cl_http_server=>get_location( ).

Are there meaningful results? If no, it's a problem of that class (-> wronlgy administered system settings: Is Web Dispatching enabled in your system? Are there entries in HTTPURLLOC?).

If yes what are the results of

DATA(location) = cl_abap_docu_external=>get_abap_docu_url( ).

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Hi Horst,

Thanks for the reply .

ABAP_DOCU_WEB_VERSION dumps in my system. However, CL_HTTP_SERVER=>GET_LOCATION( ) only returns ://:

In this system ICM is running, Web dispatcher is not enabled. The table HTTPURLLOC is empty in my system. So I guess it is a configuration error. What do I have to maintain? Is an entry in HTTPURLLOC enough?



Phew, not my fault (only that I'm using that method, I'll skip that in 7.52).

I guess an entry in HTTPURLLOC should do. If you want to, I ask a colleague which.



PS: A dump in ABAP_DOCU_WEB_VERSION? We should show a nicer message and we just found we do it in the next release, duh ...