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Jul 15 at 02:52 PM

Sorting by date in SAP Analytics Cloud


I am struggling with a feature that should be simple and self-explanatory. Sorting - especially sorting by date.

I have a linked widget that shows cost details per posting date for a given WBS or Supplier. The details are correct, but I cannot sort the postings by date - they just appear randomly, which is not accepted by the user base - and there is no real explanation why such a basic thing is not working. Posting date is part of an hierarchy, but in flat representation,

Nothing happens when I sort the Posting Date field Highest to Lowest (or the other way around). All other columns have the default sort order.

I have seen it working at first - but then I needed to add a further column to the table and now the sort is gone. :-(

Does anybody have an explanation here?

Thank you,