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Jul 14 at 03:45 PM

Is it possible to maintain timeout value for IFlows in SAP Cloud Integration?


Hi all,

It seems like SAP Cloud Integration Exchanges timeout after 30 minutes. At least it get errors like "org.springframework.transaction.TransactionTimedOutException: Transaction timed out: deadline was Wed Jul 14 15:30:00 UTC 2021" whenever a message exeeds 30 minutes runtime. Is it possible to maintain the timeout value? I need my IFlows to be able to run longer.

Why do I even need IFlows to be able to run that long? I am currently have some issues with the following szenario in SAP Cloud Integration:

I am calling an external Service, that replies with some delta information. I need to do some mapping and forward the information-sets one-by-one via http to the receiving system.

I implemented that using a looping process call, within another looping process call, because it is also possible, that I need to call the service multiple times with different offsets.

That works fine as long as there is not too much information-sets waiting to get fetched in the service. But it can happen from time to time, that I need to fetch thousands of data-sets which leads to even more data-sets that need to be sent.

Kind Regards