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Jul 20 at 09:42 AM

How to know when to apply single quote in URL?


Hi, I am trying to delete an entry, I used the Olingo library and wrote java code, and also replicate the below mention request in postman.

While testing first when I am using this endpoint for deleting an entry'russellwhyte') in which russellwhite comes under singles quotes, then it is working fine.

But when i am using'25373cd9-9ae8-eb11-bacb-000d3ac9969a') in which GUID comes under single quotes is not working and giving response 400

Later when i removed single quotes from GUID, using URL

then it worked fine.

So, why is that, and how does one comes to know when to use single quotes in URI? Please guide


tip7z.png (16.4 kB)