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Jul 19 at 10:12 AM

MRP collective requirements PR creation issue

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i run into a problem with the PR creation during MRP runs.

For Procurement type F (external procurement) materials we have set the lot sizing procedure on MB (Monthly lot size). The depentent requirements indicator is set on 2 (collective requirements only), both in the Material master and the BoM items.

When i do a MRP run, i would now expect the system to create 1 PR per month period to cover the entire requirement for that period. However, not 1 PR but multiple PR´s are created to cover the requirement, all to be delivered on the same day. Almost always the PR´s have a quantity equal to the minimum lot size that is set for the material. A maximum lot size has not been set, so that cannot cause the issue.

Could anyone suggest to me what could trigger the system to still create multiple PR´s, instead of just 1 per delivery day?

Thank you and kind regards!






screenshot-md04.png (130.2 kB)