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Jul 15 at 06:18 AM

Dimension Member ID : appears and disappears from EPM member selector


Hi All,

We are facing an abnormal issue in EPM, wherein the newly created dimension member id wasn't visible in the EPM member selector immediately after it was brought into BPC via normal ETL process (ECC -> BW -> BPC). although the member was visible on the BPC web client.

We tried steps to clear metadata cache and refresh cache on EPM, still it did not help.

We observed few days later the member id automatically appeared in EPM selector, but the next day it disappeared and today it appeared again.

The master data loads for the dimension take place on the daily basis (and everyday this member id is placed in the correct hierarchy as expected in BPC).

Is there a way to check any logs related to EPM, what can cause the appearing and disappearing of the member id ?

Thanks in Advance.