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Jul 15 at 05:46 AM

Work order setup best practice



This is maybe more of a best practice setup question and not so much of a technical question. But I hope somebody can help us with this.

We have a logistic setup with a central warehouse and some local workstations with smaller warehouses. From these workstations we issue work orders which needs materials. We would like to deliver the materials needed from the central warehouse all packed and ready.

As it is we use the ”L” option and select the local warehouse when ordering the materials to the workorder. This creates reservations which we then deliver from our central warehouse. But this means that we deliver multiple orders in one shipment and that we will have to pick and pack in the local warehouse, which are not equipped for a lot of this. The shipment will also only contain the materials not already present in the local warehouse as the reservation only consist of the needed materials less the on-premise inventory.

We also have the option of using “N” when ordering materials. This will generate a requisition for the exact amount of materials needed and we will be able to deliver all the materials in one delivery all packed and ready. The downside of this is that the materials will when received in the local warehouse be “used” by the workorder immediately. So, as they stand waiting for the workorder to begin they will be “out of the inventory” and not visible. We often have workorders cancelled or postponed for up to years. So, if we use the “N” option the workorders will have used materials which are actually still in the inventory and if another workorder calls for the same materials we will buy new ones and deliver.

So how should we go about this? Are there any options of delivering “complete” workorders and still be able to see them in the inventory until used?

Any good ideas for creating a setup that helps us with this?