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Former Member
May 05, 2006 at 01:41 PM

Webservices doubts!


Hi experts,

Please forgive me for boring you again with this subject, but I haven’t yet cleared my doubts…

Can someone provide me some clues?

> Is it possible use web services paradigm with an asynchronous scenario?

> To receive acknowledges that tell me if the message was processed or not, I need to define two Message Interfaces. 1) Outbound, Asynchronous 2) Inbound, Synchronous? Is it possible only with one async interface?

> In an async interface (inbound) without response message, if the message not reached the target, is it supposed give me a red flag with an error status on sxmb_moni? (I have a scenario like this and in sxmb_moni the flag status appears ok, however in j2ee monitor I see “SOAP: call failed” and another log message said “SOAP: sent a delivery error ack”!?!?! Why I can see these errors in Message Monitor? And where I can find this ack?

> To define messages interfaces (web services scenario), is mandatory download the wsdl and create an external definition with this wsdl provided by the web service that I want invoke? Is it possible doing the DT, MT and MI without wsdl?

Thanks in advance for all.