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Jul 13 at 07:42 AM

maxdb crashes once after every system start


Hi there.

We use maxdb in Version 7.9.10 but it also was a problem in previous 7.8er Versions.
I have installed maxdb on my local system (win 10) and every morning after system restart, the maxdb is crashed after the first time it is accessed.
Then after a manual restart of the instance with the database studio, maxdb is running without any problems the whole day. This szenario is repeating the next day.
A made some tests:
Afer a manual system "reboot", the problem seems not to be happend. But afer a "system shutdown and manual system start" the problem happens again.
Here is the KnlMsg log of two different crashes from the test from today. I must post it in pictures, beacuse in the textual way formatting is gone.
First Start: Data volume name is anonymized be me with "....."

Second Start (after shutdown and start system again): LOG_VOLUME_001 is renamed by me with "....."

This problem happens on differnt systems (also on systems of some of my colleagues); futhermore it was a problem in the past in older MAXDB versions.I can read the "The device is not ready" ih the first Log; but where can i start diagnose? Are there any known issues in combination with other system programs like bitlocker or some others?
Any ideas?
Thx and best reagrds


dsrxh.png (159.5 kB)
hx5gq.png (171.3 kB)