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Jul 13 at 01:38 AM

Currency decimals to excel



I am getting some figures with 1 decimal and some with 2 decimals. How to set it to 2 decimals?

I am writing to character type with currency statement but to no avail

DATA gv_zfi033a_quantity(13)        TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_net_book_val(13)    TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_pm(13)  TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_aq_val(13)          TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_ret_val(13)         TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_tra_val(13)         TYPE c.
DATA gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_em(13)  TYPE c. 
gv_zfi033a_net_book_val   = gw_zfi033a_data-net_book_val.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-net_book_val TO gv_zfi033a_net_book_val NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.
*    gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_pm = gw_zfi033a_data-tot_aq_cost_pm.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-tot_aq_cost_pm TO gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_pm NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.
*    gv_zfi033a_aq_val         = gw_zfi033a_data-aq_val.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-aq_val TO gv_zfi033a_aq_val NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.
*    gv_zfi033a_ret_val        = gw_zfi033a_data-ret_val.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-ret_val TO gv_zfi033a_ret_val NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.
*    gv_zfi033a_tra_val        = gw_zfi033a_data-tra_val.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-tra_val TO gv_zfi033a_tra_val NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.
*    gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_em = gw_zfi033a_data-tot_aq_cost_em.
    WRITE gw_zfi033a_data-tot_aq_cost_em TO gv_zfi033a_tot_aq_cost_em NO-GROUPING CURRENCY 'SGD'.