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Jul 13 at 11:44 AM

Direct Shipment to vendor with goods movement using Advanced Returns management

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Hi All,

Need help to achieve goods movements steps when follow up activity "Direct shipment to Vendor" is used in Returns sales order.


  1. Create Return Sales order
  2. Create Return PO and Communicate to Supplier for approval (for direct shipment from Customer)
  3. Customer Ships with label info provided by us (details of Supplier)
  4. When goods arrive at Supplier, create Statistical/Virtual OBD/goods receipt (against Return Sales order) and OBD/Goods issue (against Return PO) in our system
  5. Credit memo by Supplier
  6. Credit memo to Customer

But step 4 is not standard. - this step is needed for finance to record the goods movement and to clear GR/IR clearing account and the COGS account.

Tried "Ship to vendor" Option also but in this flow the Return PO is created only after the Credit memo to customer is created. so this will not work for us as we need to communicate the PO to the Vendor immediately after Return Sales order for approval.

So need help to create statistical goods receipt & goods issue from the outbound delivery