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Jul 09 at 01:35 PM

Attribute=Hidden Calculated, no Matching, is value saved?

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To whom it might concern,

We have 2 Iron Python product scripts:

1)The first script is taking value from user selected drop down (GetValue()) and assigns value (AssignValue('somevalue')) to hidden field for storage, next user clicks on "Add to Quote" and this is where this script is executed (event="When product is added to quote"), to save the values we use (Product.UpdateQuote()) call from API

2)The second script is helping to check(log) the values of attributes by using GetValue() and is executed on event="When product is ready"

Using 2 scripts we can see that when going from a)Product Configuration("Add to Quote")-->b)Quote-->c)Products-->Our Product, the value of hidden field is not transferred to "c" step and it is of default empty value and it should be of value AssignValue('somevalue').

By any chance, someone have any ideas, pointers or something? Maybe hidden fields have "local" purpose in SAP CPQ, the same like in HTML and do not transfer(save) value from: a)Product Configuration("Add to Quote")-->b)Quote-->c)Products-->Our Product?

We did small check and we can see that it works with attributes "Display=Free Input, no Matching".