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Jul 09 at 08:14 AM

stop inspection lot generation when putaway task is created


Hello all,

We have a scenario an inbound delivery order has multiple line items each having different materials. Out of these one material is quality managed material. all these line items have been packed as HUs. and there is condition records for automatic putaway task creation for different goods movement status (NSFI, NSIP, IPIP, IPFI). when i do GR for a HU (not QM managed material), the goods receipt is partial complete status in inbound delivery header status, system creates putaway task for all the line items.


system is generating inspection lot for the material which is QM managed, the HU for this material is not GRed

Can we stop inspection lot generation for the material when putaway task is created for that material and set in such a way the system should generate only when GR is done for that material?