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Jul 13 at 02:56 PM

SRM 7.0 Button "Apply changes to..."


Dear SRM community, I am sailing on SRM 7.0, UI5

I am searching for the abap entry point, when using on the detail page of a shoping cart item the "apply changes to..." option. This is an option when you have more than one item in the shopping cart and in my case, the requestor or buyer wants to share the accounting elements from one item to other items. The point is, I have to change the accounting when the item, which was chosen to share its accounting elements, is an invest accounting. I noticed, in the change badi the accounting table then shows the accountig for the second item as deleted (deletion_ind) and also carries a table line with the new copy accounting... but it is still there. Now I am searching the point, where before the change badi runs, I can actually avoid or at least change the 100% copy of accounting elements like cost centre, funds_ctr, cmmt_item, g_l_acct. It appears difficult or not possible in the change badi...

I noticed in the Change Badi, but also teh DETERMINE_ACCT Badi I get a loop, which carries only my changed item and its former (deleted accounting + the new accounting set)... but I can't tell if the new accounting is derived from an invest accounting... any ideas, where / how I can fix this?

kind regards, Matthias Kasig