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Jul 13 at 02:10 PM

How to access SqlQuery defined parameter's valid values in API Gateway Service


Hi, I'm pretty new in developing via reporting services exposed through api gateway service. I'm trying to understand how to access "dynamically" to sql query defined parameter valid values via service layer. The following screenshot has been taken from the official SAP documentation. How can I get the Item Group parameter valid values, in order to allow the end user to select them?

Since there could be multiple parameters with multiple different sources, how can I do this dynamically? I.E. there could be an Item Group parameter (select ItmsGrpCod, ItmsGrpNam from OITB), an Item parameter (select ItemCode, ItemName from OITM) and a payment method parameter (select PayMethCod, PayMethName from OPYM)

Thank you



ipwr5.png (25.5 kB)