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Jul 09 at 10:54 AM

MDK Offline data sync/upload not work - destination not assigned


Hello Experts,

We have an urgent Problem with offline Data upload. Upload End with

'The incoming path / sap / opu / odata / sap / Z ... / ... Set (' PQ2EVG4 ') is not assigned to a destination. The request is rejected with 404 (not found). '

But Data already loaded, all changes done, Destination is working and Backend Idempotent Services are running but update Action didn't find destination. All this works already and we had no changes at MDK Code and ODATA- Services. Data also successful loaded. I can test OData Service and Entity with Browser there are no Problems.

I don't have any Idea how can we fix this problem.

Thanks for every suggestion

+ Robert

Offline Service Definition 
	"AppId": "de....",
	"DestinationName": "de....",
	"LanguageURLParam": "sap-language",
	"OfflineEnabled": true,
	"OfflineOptions": {
		"StoreParameters": {
			"EnableRepeatableRequests": true,
			"EnableRequestQueueOptimization": true,
			"EnableUndoLocalCreation": true,
			"StoreName": "LOG_MDE001-003"
	"PathSuffix": "/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z../",
	"ServiceUrl": "/destinations/....",
	"SourceType": "Mobile"


	"ActionResult": {
		"_Name": "actionResult"
	"OnFailure": "/mobile_scp_eh_logistics/Actions/LetiScan/MessageError.action",
	"OnSuccess": {
		"Name": "/mobile_scp_eh_logistics/Actions/MessageActionSuccess.action",
		"Properties": {
			"Animated": true,
			"Icon": "/mobile_logistics/Images/info.png",
			"Message": "$(L,'message_upload_parts')"
	"Service": "/mobile_scp_eh_logistics/Services/MdeOffline.service",
	"ShowActivityIndicator": true,
	"UploadCategories": [
	"_Type": "Action.Type.OfflineOData.Upload"

MDK 5.2.0 Android