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Jul 08 at 08:49 AM

username in onboarding 2.0


Dear All,

We are implementing on-boarding 2.0 and 'username'field with personal email of candidates is used to log in to the On-boarding portal.

However when we push the on-boarding data to EC as a new hire via Manage pending recruits, our current integrations to AD picks up user first name last name from EC, to create AD account and writes back AD account username to the same field' username'.

this will happen as soon as EC new hire data is available even though the start date is in the future. To provision all downstream system user access we need to bring the new hire data to EC as an when we have on boarding data ready. once AD username is written back to EC, it overwrites on boarding username, which means on boarding access is lost even before day 1. We cannot change our current integrations to AD as it will impact downstream systems provisioning.

Can you please advise if there is any solution for this and how have you implemented this for your organisation.