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Jul 12 at 12:19 PM

Custom fields in Employee Central


Hello dears,

I'm trying to validate some fields in Manage Business Configuration using business rules, I have created two custom fields in Job information Tile, I'm trying to validate those two fields by writing a rule, the problem is, or lets say what my mind says about the rule, or how I should write it. so:

lets say the 1st field is name as "Regular Accrual Apply" with type of Boolean, and the second field name as "Individual Accrual Amount" , so the rule would say :

this is a link in people profile, Job information

If "Regular Accrual Apply" = "No",

set "Individual Accrual Amount" to hide the field,


make "Individual Accrual Amount" Required.

anyone can assist me with the rule ? how to write it

because I was trying to write the rule with type "Basic" and the base object is: " Job information Model", the required and the value shows just text, and I guess this is wrong.

Please check the link for the screenshot of the rule.

please help :D