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Jul 12 at 11:42 AM

ByD integration Basics


I trust you are well.

I have developed a number of add-ons in ByD, and I am quite comfortable on the ABSL coding side. I have done the openSAP Courses ByD1 and ByD8. However, I find integration in general a bit confusing to me. I can call Web Services in ABSL Code, but I do not understand how integration works. For instance, if we have two ByD tenants, and I create two Custom BOs in both tenants. I then create a Web service in one tenant, download the WSDL file and create an external web service in the other tenant using the WSDL file, what else do I need to do to enable an object created in one tenant to create/update the same object in the other tenant? I guess my question really is, once data coming from one tenant reaches the other tenant, what do I have to do to enable an objects created/updated in one tenant create or update the other tenant automatically? Write ABSL Code? There is something that I am missing when I go through ByD1 and ByD8

Please help or alternatively give some material that could help me understand the process.